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In the fast-paced realm of customer experience (CX), navigating the currents of change requires more than just a compass. Professionals must stay ahead of trends

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Data democratization is the practice of ungating access to data within an organization and empowering even those with no technical know-how to easily use it

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You can’t have a successful game without an equally successful customer support strategy. And, unfortunately, player support teams are sometimes surprised by the costs associated

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An effective customer service strategy needs to keep these three criteria at its core: Ease Efficiency Emotion If your support is easy to access, efficiently

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IDC has estimated that 50 percent of retailers have adopted a retail omnichannel commerce platform by now. Doing so has benefitted them on the revenue

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One of the secret weapons of the best customer service organizations is simple: knowledge. Knowledge management tools arm your human agents, your QuickSearch Bots, and

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More than a decade ago, live chat emerged as a key customer service channel and proved to be a game changer for B2C brands. When

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