Reduce Tickets and Free Up Your Team

Equip your customers with instant answers and deflect common queries using our comprehensive self-serve solution.

Reduce Tickets


Empower Your Customers with Easy Access to Information

The Help Center is a comprehensive knowledge base that allows your customers to quickly find the information they need. With a user-friendly interface and powerful search capabilities, it’s never been easier for your customers to access the answers they’re looking for.

Reduce ticket

volume by 70%

Equip customers with instant answers, deflecting tickets and freeing up your team.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Easily accessible, accurate information empowers customers, leading to higher CSAT.

Smart Intents

Effortless Issue Navigation for Your Users

Frustrated by users struggling to describe their issues? Helpshift’s Smart Intent menu empowers them to navigate support effortlessly. This AI-powered tool analyzes common queries and presents users with a menu of most common problems, saving time and frustration.

Faster Resolutions

Users self-select their issue, leading to quicker solutions.

Intuitive Navigation

A clear menu guides users to the right information.

Natural language processing

Adapts and refines intent menus based on user interactions.

Generative AI

Reduce unnecessary tickets with AI: Where Knowledge Meets Conversation

Transform your Help Center into a dynamic conversation hub with Helpshift’s Generative AI.

Intelligent Conversations

Drawing from a rich repository of articles, our AI understands and responds with the nuance and depth of a human.

Learn and Adapt

The AI continually learns from your knowledge base, providing ever-improving support.

Seamless Support Flow

Integrating with your Help Center, the AI ensures a consistent voice across all customer interactions, from self-service to live chat support.


Empower Your Customers to Self-Serve in Their Preferred Language

Enable your global customers to effortlessly find and utilize information in their preferred language, making the knowledge base instantly accessible. Advanced Intent AI interprets queries in the user’s native tongue with precision, guiding them directly to the solutions they need without the hurdle of language barriers.


From Self-Service to Guided Support

When self-service isn’t enough, Helpshift ensures users are never left without support. If answers aren’t found in the knowledge base and our Self Help AI can’t provide the necessary assistance, our system seamlessly escalates the experience from self-service to a guided journey.

Customer Success Stories

Discover how our customers have benefited from the Self Help Experience


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John Doe

Customer Support Manager


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John Doe

Customer Support Manager


Our experience with Helpshift has been truly amazing. Their platform has revolutionized our customer support process. Helpshift has exceeded our expectations in every way. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always goes the extra mile.

John Doe

Customer Support Manager

Reduce Your Ticket Volume with Intelligent Self-Service

Unlock Helpshift’s self-service to reduce ticket volume and improve customer satisfaction. Experience how our AI-driven self-service simplifies support, giving customers the power to resolve issues on their own.