How Zynga Support Handles 185% More Tickets with Helpshift

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Zynga, a leading name in the mobile gaming industry, is renowned for its engaging titles like Words With Friends and FarmVille, captivating over 88 million monthly players. The company’s commitment to enhancing player engagement and satisfaction has been pivotal in building a loyal player base. Recognizing the importance of seamless player support, Zynga embarked on a mission to revolutionize its customer service experience. This case study explores how Zynga, in partnership with Helpshift, transformed its customer support system, resulting in doubled agent productivity and significantly improved player support efficiency.

The Challenge

Prior to 2015, Zynga’s players faced a cumbersome process when seeking support. Players were required to exit their game, navigate to a web browser, and then reach out for assistance. This not only disrupted the gaming experience but also posed the risk of players not returning to the game post-interaction. The challenge was to devise a solution that kept players engaged within the app while providing them with the support they needed. Furthermore, Zynga aimed to enhance its customer support efficiency to manage the increasing volume of player inquiries without compromising on quality.
Zynga - Challenge

The Solution

After evaluating various solutions, Zynga chose Helpshift for its robust in-app support capabilities. Helpshift’s platform, equipped with messaging-based support, a fully-native knowledge base accessible on and offline, and an easy-to-use agent console, emerged as the perfect fit for Zynga’s requirements. The introduction of conversational messaging allowed for a more personalized and efficient player support system. Players could now receive assistance without leaving their game, resembling a familiar iMessage conversation. The fully-native knowledge base further empowered players by providing support at every stage of their journey, even when they were not actively seeking help.

The Results

The implementation of Helpshift’s platform proved to be a monumental success for Zynga. The seamless integration of in-app support and messaging-based communication led to an almost 2x increase in agent productivity. With the same number of support staff, Zynga managed to handle 185% more contacts in 2017 compared to 2015. This efficiency not only translated into quicker resolution times for players but also significantly boosted player retention and engagement. Zynga’s strategic move to adopt Helpshift’s customer support solution exemplifies how leveraging the right technology can profoundly impact customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.