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Customers prefer to self-serve. Make it easy for them with a modern help center where they can find reliable answers and guidance anytime.

Single source of truth for Customers, Agents, & Bots
Single Source of Truth for Customers, Agents, & Bots

Unify information and empower everyone with instant access to FAQs, resources, and essential details in one central hub.

Conversational support on standby
Conversational Support on Standby

With messaging in every article, your customers can easily start a chat for more help whenever needed.

Effortless content management
Effortless content management

Centralize your knowledge, publish with ease, and keep content up-to-date in real-time.

Create Multilingual Articles for your Global Users with a Single Click

Bridge language barriers effortlessly with Helpshift’s Language AI. Translate your articles into multiple languages with a single click. Embrace a truly global presence without the intricacies of manual translation.

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Actionable Insights That Drive Improvement

Customers prefer to self-serve. Make it easy for them with a modern help center where they can find reliable answers and guidance anytime.

Engagement Insights

Discover how customers engage with your Help Center, identifying popular content and user trends.

Search Term Tracking

Uncover what your customers are looking for, enabling targeted content optimization.

Article Effectiveness Metrics

Measure the impact of your articles on customer satisfaction and support resolution, guiding content improvements.

Generative AI

Reduce unnecessary tickets with AI: Where Knowledge Meets Conversation

Transform your Help Center into a dynamic conversation hub with Helpshift’s Generative AI.

Intelligent Conversations

Drawing from a rich repository of articles, our AI understands and responds with the nuance and depth of a human.

Learn and Adapt

The AI continually learns from your knowledge base, providing ever-improving support.

Seamless Support Flow

Integrating with your Help Center, the AI ensures a consistent voice across all customer interactions, from self-service to live chat support.

Enhance Your Help Center with These Powerful Features

Customizable Branding

Tailor your Help Center to echo your brand's unique voice and style.

Proactive Feedback Mechanism

Continuously improve with insights directly from your users.

SEO-Optimized Content

Craft content that ranks higher on search engines.

Smart FAQs

Context-aware assistance embedded within articles allows users to quickly resolve issues or effortlessly initiate relevant conversations.

Rich FAQ Editor

Create, edit, and publish rich FAQs with ease.

Featured Articles

Highlight popular articles dynamically curated from the most viewed content, giving users quick access to the information they need the most.

Happy Customers

Hear what our customers have to say about us


The most important first step for us was delivering self-service via FAQs. Sometimes I even forget they are there but everyday we are passively helping customers. Common issue types are more easily handled and maintained once they’re set up. It just works, and it covers a lot of ground. It was a huge win for us.

Nataly Kuzmina

Head of Support at Playrix


One year post launch, KRAFTON achieved a total savings of $10,600,000 for BGMI, comprising $1,615,000 in FAQs savings and around $8,985,000 in savings from automation using AI & Bots.


It all went really smoothly. We implemented the SDK, did a little configuration and were up and running. It was incredibly straightforward. Almost immediately we were able to divert 90% of questions to FAQ articles. We immediately began rolling Helpshift out to additional titles

Matt Knapman

Head of Customer Support at Hutch Games


Social Quantum was able to create high-functioning FAQs where 90% of their players were able to find a solution without needing to submit a ticket. We were able to help Social Quantum save over $1M ($1,034,732) from Feb ‘21 to Feb ‘22.


With FAQs addressing common issues, we were able to shift to helping those players with complex issues to solve. It helped us scale in a way that was both cost-effective and better for the customer. We also were able to spend more time addressing issues with the game itself. We now tag every issue and keep a running list of top 10 product issues and top 5 feature requests that informs our development roadmap and helps us continuously improve our game experience.

Matt Knapman

Head of Customer Support at Hutch Games

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