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In the fast-paced realm of customer experience (CX), navigating the currents of change requires more than just a compass. Professionals must stay ahead of trends

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Data democratization is the practice of ungating access to data within an organization and empowering even those with no technical know-how to easily use it

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You can’t have a successful game without an equally successful customer support strategy. And, unfortunately, player support teams are sometimes surprised by the costs associated

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Discord is a wildly popular online platform where players meet up, share tips, and get gaming-related help. Some players even refer to it as their



At Helpshift, we’re devoted to making it easier for mobile game publishers and studios to give players the best support experience. That’s why we’re making

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Exceeding player expectations when it comes to customer service is far easier said than done. It’s oftentimes difficult to understand the request, let alone adequately

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