“The True Cost of Player Support” Webinar Recap

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Posted on May 6, 2021

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You can’t have a successful game without an equally successful customer support strategy. And, unfortunately, player support teams are sometimes surprised by the costs associated with keeping players in the game—especially if they don’t have a long-term investment strategy. 

Find out what player support veteran, Peter Gerson, Senior Manager of Player Solutions at Keywords Studios, and Jackie Crespo, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Helpshift have to say about positioning your support organization as a critical stakeholder in protecting customer acquisition and retention investments. 

You can watch the full episode now on demand. In the meantime, here are some of the highlights:

1. Happy players spend more and are loyal ambassadors for your game and brand. 

“Players are five times more likely to purchase again if they’re happy. And, loyal customers are four times more likely to refer a friend. That’s priceless.” – Peter Gerson, Senior Manager of Player Solutions at Keywords Studios

2. Your players should be in the middle of the golden triangle. 

“The golden triangle is all about balancing three things: a great experience, cost efficiency, and productivity. You have to have all three to justify the right mix of support if you’re a company that’s scaling. – Peter Gerson

3. When you keep players in-game, you save money in the long run.

“Give your players easy-to-use, in-game self help options and readily accessible answers to frequently asked questions. Because when you keep them in the game and boost customer retention by just 2%, it’s approximately equal to reducing support costs by 10%. Also, it costs two and a half to seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain and keep servicing an existing customer.” – Peter Gerson

4. Don’t invest massive amounts into player support–start small and spend wisely. 

“Start by talking with players, adding new support features as needed, and iterating. If you try to offer 24/7 support in 17 languages on five or six different social media channels, while keeping track of your App Store reviews, you’ll have way too much to manage all at once.” – Peter Gerson

5. Never underestimate the hidden costs of managing support centers.

“Every time a human agent touches a ticket, it costs money. With bots, you’ve got the initial investment and then it pays for itself. Otherwise, you have to think about everything beyond the customer support platform like who will train the agents (or will you outsource), are you going to support multiple languages, who’s going to manage the center, etc. There are a lot of support center management costs that sometimes aren’t considered.” – Peter Gerson

Learn more in The True Cost of Player Support report. You’ll access additional statistics, insights, and stats on providing unforgettable support experiences.

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