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In the fast-paced realm of customer experience (CX), navigating the currents of change requires more than just a compass. Professionals must stay ahead of trends

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Helpshift CEO Eric Vermillion featured on “Navigating the Customer Experience” with Yanique Grant. Listen to the podcast episode below.

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Discord is a wildly popular online platform where players meet up, share tips, and get gaming-related help. Some players even refer to it as their

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The sheer volume of mobile apps and the massive growth in their usage have been impressive. But efforts to retain customers via great mobile app

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Exceeding player expectations when it comes to customer service is far easier said than done. It’s oftentimes difficult to understand the request, let alone adequately

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IDC has estimated that 50 percent of retailers have adopted a retail omnichannel commerce platform by now. Doing so has benefitted them on the revenue

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More than a decade ago, live chat emerged as a key customer service channel and proved to be a game changer for B2C brands. When

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